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Alkaline Wash for Hair Removal by Danné

Are you looking for a long term hair removal solution that is virtually painless and really effective?

Look no further ~ Alkaline Wash is the latest way to significantly reduce hair everywhere on the body, especially effective for downy peach fuzz on the face. This unique system requires a consultation, during which your Danné Technician will ensure there are no contraindications & the cost for your area of concern is discussed. The process itself is remarkably simple and it takes about 15-20 minutes for smaller body parts and for larger areas up to 45 minutes. Alkaline Hair Wash does NOT promote thicker hair growth or stimulate dormant hair follicles. When the product is applied it penetrates down into the follicle and dissolves the hair protein, weaken & ultimately destroying it.


Q: How many treatments do I need?
A: Every client's hair physiology is so different ~ but the process is progressive and results are evident after only 2 or 3 treatments. The more you do the treatments the less you need to... unlike waxing there is no pain or sticky residue left behind. Post treatment home care is critical & necessary ~ products to be used are dependant on area of body and clients skin condition. The first couple of times the hair may feel prickly, but as the treatments progress this diminishes.

Q: Is alkaline bad for my skin?
A: No, Alkaline Wash is used in many of Danné's skin revision systems and is in no way bad for the skin. We always finish the treatment with the appropriate products to restore optimal skin health & your home care products will continue the healing process.

Q: Will my hair grow back thicker or darker?
A: It is physically impossible for your hair to grow back thicker or darker as the Alkaline Wash weakens and eventually reduces the hair growth. Regardless of hair colour may it be blonde, white, grey or dark, Alkaline Wash can still be done.

Q: How often will I need to have this done?

A: When you initially start, you will have the treatment as often as you would wax the area. As the hair growth weakens, the hair is reduced and your treatments will become further and further apart. These treatments are progressive; there is no one quick fix treatment that gets rid of hair permanently.

Q: Can I wear makeup?
A: Yes you can wear makeup ~ about 8 hours after Alkaline Treatment.

Q: What are some of the benefits of having alkaline wash?
A: Alkaline Wash is better for removing facial hair as it will improve the skin texture and colour at the same time. If waxing causes the area to go darker, Alkaline Wash will lighten the area being depilated. If you suffer ingrown hairs or folliculitis it will eradicate this concern and prevent reoccurrence. Alkaline Wash weakens hair growth and over time drastically reduces it.

If any of the following is active or present prior to an alkaline wash ~ please inform your Danné Technician:

~ Any redness or irritation, inflamed areas or conditions on the skin. Including eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.
~ Cuts or cracked open skin, moles and or any skin lesions.
~ Any existing Underlying pigmentation that may be apparent from previous conditions

This is a remarkable treatment for hair removal. The advantages of AlkalineWash are;

  1. It is possible to remove large areas in one treatment, with little or no discomfort.
  2. The hair does not have to be a certain length, like with waxing, so treatments can be done when you need to have them done (minimum 10 days apart)
  3. It will not cause ingrown hairs, in fact if this a concern for you, over time Alkaline wash eliminates them.
  4. It can be done anywhere on the body except eyebrows. Even the most sensitive of skins can tolerate this treatment, remarkably, a client who has very bad acne on their face can enjoy the results, with no side effects.
  5. Often a client on medication cannot have waxing done, with the exception of a few medications, most clients can safely have this done with no side effects.
  6. With continued treatments the hair growth significantly reduces in thickness & quantity.

Call today to book your consultation, $45, which can be redeemed towards your first appointment if booked within 30 days.

Danné Paramedical Skin Revision

Skindulgence Spa is proud to be part of an Elite group of Authorised Danné Clinics.

Dr. Danné Montague King is a pioneer in skin revision-meaning literally, treatment protocols and products to reverse skin that has been traumatized by acne, scar tissue, pigmentation and of course the hands of time ~ antiaging. Our society is all about instant gratification, sadly in North America we don't pay too much attention to our daily skincare regime, then as we approach 40+ we suddenly panic and feel the need to do drastic invasive procedures such as chemical peels and face lifts. There is a better option… Danné.

The Danné concept has been used with phenomenal success and is recognized and respected world wide within the medical world. Here in BC there are about 10 clinics that use the Danné line. We are excited to be one of the few exclusive treatment centers. The 4 phase Danné concept is unlike any other product line that I have ever come across, it is based on:

Remove ~ Rebuild ~ Protect ~ Maintain

Women and men spend thousands of dollars a year on "so called" amazing miraculous skincare products, but what is the point if you don't remove the build up of dead skin cells first? This is the root problem in fighting to looking younger. Gentle but effective regular removal of dead skin cells will do many things;
~ Make you look younger and your skin more vibrant
~ Your makeup will go on smoother and be less cakey looking
~ Your products like moisturizers and serums will go alot further, reducing the need to replenish them as quickly

This step is feeding and rejuvenating of the skin at the cellular level. This is one of the most critical steps and a truly remarkable aspect of the Danné concept. Suppression of the pigmentation, the strengthening of the immunity cells in the skin and the stimulation of muscle happens in this stage.

Yes, as the name suggests it would be futile to do all this and then not protect it, mainly from environmental damage. Danné created the world's only transdermal sun protection used exclusively by the Olympic Athletes.

This is the key because like anything else in life, to maintain a healthy body we need to be conscious of our diet, sleep and exercise. Skincare is also a lifelong process and regular use of the internal nutrition DMK EFA's (A very high potency of Omega 3/6/9 plus other antioxidants) for healing and support and "Transdermal Nutrition" (application of skincare products) will keep your skin in check and healthy. Professional in spa treatments are a strong component of the Danné concept but the homecare treatments are a critical partner to support and maintain the results.

Treatment protocols for Danné are individually customized for each client. An in-depth consultation is necessary, at which time your home care protocol, including Internal Nutritional Supplements are recommended & a treatment protocol is designated to address the client's needs.

The type of treatments available are:
~ Enzyme Treatments ~the preliminary protocol for all new clients
~ Muscle Banding (antiaging & toning)
~ A variety of Exfoliating options for different skin conditions & Ethnic backgrounds
~ Pigmentation Treatment Protocols
~ Customized antiaging Treatments
~ Alkaline Hair Removal! Yes you read that correctly…this amazing clinical treatment is am amazing option for very sensitive clients or for clients that cannot tolerate waxing or as an alternative to Laser…Call today for your consultation you will be thrilled you did!

About Dr. Danné King
As a young man he suffered severely from acne and he was determined to find better and longer term results for people in the future!

Some of Danné's pioneering projects:
  • 1960's Extensive research on Vitamin C Therapy
  • 1970's Enzyme Therapy for skin and muscle tightening Transdermal Nutrition (Danné Skin Revision-Pro Alpha Removal System
  • 1980's Research and development of treats to address hyper pigmentation without bleaching and cross linking wrinkle treatments
  • 2000 Dr. Kings Beverly Hills Clinic joins forces with world renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Henry Kawamote. Together they work very closely with reconstructive surgery patients from "facing forward foundation"

Dr. King research centers are briefly discovering more and more about skin and how it functions. His pioneering work has made him a sought out speaker on the international circuit at medical research conferences.


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