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Spring Time Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle
    Welcome Spring !
   A new look for nature and a new look for you! 
This issue will go over helpful tips for your inner and outer well being.
~Great April Promotions to take advantage of~
~ New Clinical Treatments by GM Collin  & Yonka~
~New Treatment protocol, Lipomassage by Endermologie to beat out cellulite~
~ Tips and care for your skin and detoxifying your body~
Lipomassage by Endermologie
Time to beat the cellulite
Skindulgence is THRILLED to be the 1st in Western Canada to have the latest version of   Endermologie - Lipomassage M6! 
This amazing technology contours and tones the skin using a NON -INVASIVE medical technology APPROVED BY HEALTH CANADA, correcting connective tissue disorder, namely cellulite, water retention and has amazing results on body sculpting.
Lipomassage by Endermologie is a non-invasive technique for  dramatically reducing the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite is a  common condition that women of all sizes are afflicted with & often shows up as dimpling or is sometimes referred to as  the "orange peel effect" on the skin.In addition to cellulite, Lipomassage can also have a dramatic effect on loose stretched out skin, stubborn fat pockets, water retention and is incredible for lymphatic drainage.
French plastic surgeons developed the techniques used in Endermologie over 20 years ago. The look of cellulite does not  diminish with weight loss and liposuction fails to address this top layer of fat under the skin, actually often making it more obvious.
This treatment works best on candidates who are fit, and who are usually between the ages of 30 to 50. Those who do not regularly exercise may see only temporary results and those over 30 pounds (13.60 kg) overweight tend not to benefit from the treatments.Beyond regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle, clients are asked to drink a daily minimum of eight glasses of water and to maintain this daily practice.
Contra indications are minimal and may involve temporary tenderness for hyper sensitive clients in the areas treated. Clients who are pregnant, nursing, have any type of cancer or are under doctors care for any serious medical condition should not undergo endermologie without a doctors consent.
Many clients like the feel of LIPOMASSAGE and actually find it very relaxing.
 Every clients needs are different,treatments are available to purchase in packages of 15, 25 and 40 at substantial savings. It takes about 35 minutes a treatment, after the initial 1 1/4 hr consultation ( which includes a treatment) & it is imperative that we see the clients 2 to 3 times a week for optimal results. After the treatment protocol is completed, to maintain results, monthly or bi-monthly treatments are recommended.
Check in with the spa or your inbox for its arrival around the end of April
& be one of the first to  book your appointment !
    Join  Team Skindulgence For a Fresh New Spring Look..
At our "Kiss and Make up Night"
Thursday, April 17th 2008
Tickets are available from the Spa in advance only for $20
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CRUSH Mineral Make-up and La Fresh
Get a fresh look for Spring with some new make up & our new On The Go Towelettes  By La Fresh
Purchase $100 worth of Mineral make up &
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La Fresh

When you're on the go count on La Fresh
This travel friendly size disposable  biodegradable sheets can are great  while you're on the go! Available in a variety of options  Make up Remover, Dental cleaning mitts(now available at Skindulgence), Nail Polish Remover, Disinfecting Wipes and even Female Hygiene Wipes (still to come)
Wanted.... Stressed out Clients !!
Yonka Zen Facial
We are excited to now offer, from our Yonka Paris line The Zen Facial.
This incredible, highly relaxing, well being facial is intensely hydrating for the skin.This facial is short but sooo sweet...imagine, double massage with
aromatherapy and decadent heated stones then a
double mask on the face, neck and decolte area.
It is the most aromatic facial that Yonka has to offer.
We encourage all
clients, including GM Collin clients to try this decadent treatment !
Approx Time: 1 hour
Price $159

NEW GM Collin Oxygen Skincare!

For Oily, Combination Or Acne Skin                         

GM Collins' New product launch in Toronto

Held on February 12th at the trendy Studio Vis-a-Vis in Toronto's bustling Little Italy neighborhood, GM Collin unveiled for the first time to the public the groundbreaking natural and biotechnological formulation of what is the first skin care line for acne, using an Oxygenating complex. Both new lines use this remarkable concept to make skin appearance healthier, more balanced and revitalized with an incredible brightening effect.

Oxygen Puractive For Normal to Oily Skintypes

Combination skin is formulated to:

1.     Absorb excess sebum(oil) and regulate over-active sebum glands

2.     Increase natural cellular oxygenation

3.     Detoxify the skin for a clear even complexion

4.   Hydrate and refine the skins texture

Puracne Oxygen  For Normal to Oily Skintypes

Acne prone skin is formulated to:

1.     Treat all the symptoms related to acne prone skin

2.     Has a synergistic combination of BHA's and AHA's to exfoliate

3.     The oxygen complex inhibits and prevents the growth of the acne bacteria

4.     Prevents blocked pores

5.     Detoxifies the skin

6.     Brightens the complexion

  tear We are also excited to offer the
Puracne Oxygen Clinical Treatment  
for oily or acne prone skin.The treatment facial is not a traditional facial but a 45 minute Oxygen treatment


For oily skin we recommend 1 or 2 Treatments with home care, recommended by our professional aestheticians.


For acne skin we recommend 1 treatment, a  week for 5 weeks, as an intensive treatment in conjunction with the recommended homecare products.

Tips To Healthy Living
     Moisturize! Moisturize! ~ A moisturizer is essential. It performs several important functions, including replacing lost water and water-binding ingredients (such as hylauronic acid)  to help keep moisture in the skin & helping to reduce flaking & itchyness.For those with very dry skin, try GM Collin's Ceramide capsules, that are perfect for travel & help to slow down further the lose of moisture from the skins surface.
     Drink -- your skin wants water! ~ This is an obvious one, but something we often overlook: Drink lots of water at least 6-8 glasses! Increase your body's natural moisture level by staying hydrated throughout the day.
If you get bored with plain old water try adding some of our awesome Green Tea Extracts ,available in many fruit varieties...with the added bonus of  being free OF CALORIES, ADDED SUGAR, ALCOHOL OR CAFFEINE !
     Stop licking dry lips ~ Licking them won't bring relief -- it will only make them more dry and chapped. To keep your lips soft and smooth, apply a moisturizing lip salve, especially before bed. Try GM Collin Lip Plumper or Yonka Le Baume Lips for an amazing hydrating treatment everyday!
     Eat well...silly as this sounds, if we actually documented what we consume, I think most of us could do better... Increase your raw food intake~ fruits & vegetables, nuts & grain. There are certainly a huge variety of tasty snacks for us to enjoy in the organic food isles...including frozen yogurt & soy based ice-creams !
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