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-Hydramucine Cleansing Milk
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Winterize your skin 

Does your skin feel perpetually dry & itchy?

Winter can play havoc on our skin. Its been unusually cold this winter, so our heating is also higher. We are wearing more layers & our skin gets itchy & can often become very dry & even red & tender.Summer or Winter exfoliating the body & then nourishing it, can be a literal sense of relief ! This month enjoy an inspa Body Exfoilating Treatment & then enjoy all your homecare products at a discount! 

For the month of January book any Body Exfoliating Treatment and recieve $10 off !
Beautify your Body & protect it from the elements...
Purchase any Body care products from GM Collin or Yonka body care lines and recieve 10% off in the month of January
Tips to everyday calm . . .
1.Take a step into the relaxation zone! Schedule a meeting with yourself, your favorite bathgoodies & your bathtubAdd a few drops of essential oil & exhale deeply.
 Dim the lights, light the candles & stop all the racing thoughts (at least try!)
Be patient withyourself:
 peace & relaxation will arrive
2.Journaling is very theraputic & quiet enlightening so I have heard! Treat yourself to the Art of Journaling by starting with a beautiful journal, there are so many different kinds to choose from~ buy one that appeals to you & you may be more inclined to reach for it daily. Be as honest with yourself as possible & you will see how much easier you will be able to face challenges!
Happy Calm Time
Welcome to 2009!
 Wishing all our clients a Happy, prosperous & a year full of pampering & relaxation!
January is all about YOU! December stress and chaos is over, you can stop worrying about everyone else and focus on your wellbeing! We have some great offers this month to help you destress, detoxify and gear up for a great year ahead!
Recieve a FREE Session when you prepay for a package of 6 
Lipomassage Treatments by LPG

 These treatments will change the way you & others look at your body! Almost anybody, women & men are candidates for the treatments.
This remarkable NON INVASIVE treatment focuses on Lymphatic drainage to address cellulite, water retention, subborn fat & loose or soft sagging skin. The treatments are cumulative however you will feel the difference in your body after the first session. The sessions increase your blood circulation by 300% & your lymphatic drainage by 400% ~ there is nothing else like it on the market.
Try the sessions with our January promotion & save almost 40% !
 Prepay for your package of 6 sessions & receive a generous discount as well as bonus session for Free..... (Plus the cost of the body suit $65)
 You pay only $720 plus GST for the pacakge of 7 Sessions, that works out to be only $102.85 a session & a savings of $419!  
Individually the sessions would be $1139.
Call today to take advantage of this fabulous promotion ~ only valid for purchase in January 
911 Products For Your Skin ...
These feature products are all 10% OFF this month! 

Have you experienced the GM Collin golden pearl?  The Ceramides are an excellent environmental protection especially for the winter season as it acts as an anti-dehydrant. This dry-oil  complex can be used on all skin types. It will nourish and protect against all elements.  Apply a golden pearl as the last product over your moisturizer and it will reduce the taughtness & dryness in your skin, a winter necessity for your skin. Available in 75 individual Pearls in a container ~ keep a few in your travel bag fot that last minute trip.
Is your skin feeling dry or tight this season?
GM Collins lipiad is perfect for the dry-Alipidic Skin type, but can also be used on all skin types through the winter months.  Unlike Ceramides, Lipiad is used as an oil serum between a cleanser and moisturizer. Skin that lacks in oilglands, Lipiad will create suppleness and softness. Some of the oils in this nourishng blend are borage, wheat germ, jojoba, macadamia, lupin and essential oils. By adding this serum  your skincare regime will help to regain its equalibrium by nourishing & creating ananti inflammatory barrier, incresing elasticity and suppleness once you try it you can't live without it.
Body Oil
A have to have from our new organic, anti-aging GM Collin body care line. This fantastic treatment oil helps to increase firmness and elasticity and has a quick absorbing texture. Your skin will feel super soft & healthy. Mix the oil with our Body lotion for a fabulous nourishing treat!
Dry itchy skin no more! 
Yonka Serum
We can't forget our Yonka client in the winter. The Yonka serum is a fabulous boosting oil concentrate  loaded with essential oils. This serum will nourish, regenerate, protect and hydrate the skin. Apply AM and PM  under your moisturiser for optimal results.
Mesonium 1 + 2
Regenerate with  the Mesonium Duo, it's a way to give your skin an intense boost or cure. Great for all ages and skin types, this amazing duo, an oil & aqueous fluid can be used as a preventative measure or simply as a cure for sun exposure, pre or post surgery scars, post acne care. Atony and for fine lines and wrinkles. Add it to your Yonka regime at least once a year for amazing results. If your skin is dry , use the oil first , then the aqeous solution. Reverse the 2 if your skin is oiler
Le Baume - Face and Body and Lips
Bathe yourself in Yonka's Le Baume face and body and lips line. As the weather gets colder, our skin gets dryer. This incredible blend of exotic butters, essential waxes, precious oils and essential oils will offer comfort to the skin while it repairs and fights anti-aging. It will offer the skin environmental protection as it nourishes.  A minute amount is needed for the skin to benefit. Le Baume is non comedogenic and is also dermologically tested.
Le Baume visage (face), Le Baume corps (body) and Le Baume leures (lips) are available at Skindulgence

e.lix.r Tonics Remedies for  A Modern life
 Skindulgence carries these great tasting herbal fruit tonics that work really well for most of us as a healthy alternativeto coffee or harmful energy drinks. If you have not tried them, then this is the month to enjoy them. Buy any full size bottle & get a mini bottle for FREE ! Value $6.95
Elixir tonics are all natural blends of fruit and herbs with no added sugars, no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Tonics stimulate vitality and radiant health; their history and traditions are as old as civilization itself. Rooted in Chinese Herbal Traditions, they are highly nutritive & contain anti-oxidants as well as vitamins and minerals.
The Classic Tonics:
Depth Recharger: Mixed berries and herbs
Our most popular tonic. Deeply Replenishing and widely
benificial to anyone.
Liquid Yoga: Apricots and herbs 
A Chill-At-Will Tonic.
Mind Over Muddle:Raspberries plums and herbs
A Mental Clarity Tonic.
Power Plant:Lemons and herbs
A Revitalizing Jump-Start Tonic.The energy drink alternative
Virtual Buddha:Peaches and herbs
An Elation-By-The-Galss Tonic. Great for meditation or concentration
 "Watch out Starbucks" Living Fit Magazine

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