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Starting January, on Mondays we will be open from 10am-2pm, later appointments will be available by request.

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Just a friendly reminder

to those clients that have certificates from our Spa Tree,

you have until February 5th 2011 to redeem them, book your appointment today at 604-469-2688 

Due to the promotional nature of the certificates, they CANNOT be extended past this date and they are not valid with other promotions or gift certificates.

  Introducing the
GM Collin
Phyto Stem Cell+
This amazing product was created based on a Nobel prize discovery.We are very excited to tell you that GM Collin has launched their new skin care line Phyto Stem Cell +. It  will dramatically reverse the signs of aging and will visibly improve the overall appearance of fine lines, as well as the firmness of the skin.
 This new generation of age management products promotes cellular vitality and helps delay the appearance of aging.
For cxlients that have used the H50 line or AGE cream, this would be a perfect alternative!

Our favorite treatments of the past year that have helped many of our clients look and feel amazing:If you haven't tried these we invite you to speak to one of our skin care professionals.

1) Galvanic Spa face neck and hands treatment. An anti-aging treatment that lifts and tones the skin while reducing fine lines.


2) Universal Contour Wrap. A treatment guaranteed to make you loose a minimum of 6 inches after just one treatment and keep it off for 30 days.


3) Lipomassage. This body treatment does it all! It reduces cellulite, firms and tones the body, as well as increasing blood flow by 400% and lymphatic drainage by 300%.


4) Phyto Stem Cell+ clinical facial. This advanced anti-aging facial will have you leaving Skindulgence looking youthful and feeling great.


5) Hot Stone Massage. This is the deluxe of all massages! Using  heated stones to loosen tight or sore muscles as well as increasing blood flow, it will really show you what it means to relax.

         Winter skin
     survival secrets 

Winter is the perfect time of year to get out those skis and snowboards, but its also the time of year where we get chapped lips, cracked hands and feet and of course sensitive dry skin. To nourish the skin form the inside out try the advance daily formula from GLiSODin which contains extremely high levels of krill oil, rich in Omega 3 great to reduce inflammation & skin stress. In addition to GliSODin here some tips on how to keep your skin winter protected. 
1. Exfoliate your body once or twice a week to ensure better absorption of body products.  

2. To prevent itchy, dry flaky skin be generous with you body moisturizers and for extra dry skin try using a nourishing body oil like the one from GM Collin

3.  The sun does a lot of damage , especially when it reflects off the snow, so face moisturizers are critical in the winter months to protect your skin. Remember to pay special attention to  the delicate areas of your eyes and lips. As a boost for your skin, try the  GM Collin ceramides as a wonderful way to protect the delicate area of your face. 
4. An amazing in spa treatment, that will help repair your skin after a weekend of skiing is a hydrating and calming facial like our Gm Collin Algomask facial, it will be like the winter cold never touched your skin.


5.Avoid hot water when showering or washing your face, as this will actually dry your skin out even more. A great home appliance that is a great investment is a humidifier. This will really help to keep your skin better hydrated & will help if you are congested too during cold season!

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It's easy, all you have to do is share your great Skindulgence experience on our Facebook page and one lucky winner will be chosen to receive a $20 Skindulgence gift certificate.


(certificate to be used  toward any 30 minute service and is not valid with any other promotion or gift certificate)

January 2010
Happy New Year everyone! We're so excited for the start of another year at Skindulgence.Over the past 12 months we have certainly grown a lot -- especially in what we are able to offer our wonderful clients! In terms of treatments we now offer the fabulous Galvanic treatment and the Universal Contour Wrap (as well as Lipomassage, don't forget!). We've got in the incredible AgeLOC Vitality dietary supplements, Revitalash the eyelash growth stimulant, GM Collin's Phyto Stem Cell + and PhytoWhite...among other things!! We're brimming with the latest innovations to help you achieve your skincare and beauty goals.

Christmas is over & its time to think about YOU!Read on ahead to see our great monthly promotions! 

New Year, New You!

Put on a few extra pounds over the holidays? Come into Skindulgence and kick-start your body back in shape. The following products and treatments can help you shed those tricky last few pounds and help you feel healthy & energized!

1) Universal Contour Wrap
 This  almost too-good-to-be-true-treatment can help you shed 6" (or more!) instantly. Unlike other wraps that make you lose water weight, the bandages used in the Universal Contour Wraps have been soaked in  a unique clay solution to draw out toxins from the body like a magnet. Regardless of shape or size this unique formula is deisgned to tone and tighten your body. Guaranteed to last for 30 days or we'll do another wrap for free!*

Perfect for those last minute special occasions!

2) GliSODin Advanced Detoxification Formula
  Feeling a little bloated...need a cleanse? This is unlike any other cleanse on the market... The incredible two week dietary supplement helps to cleanse your body from the inside out.  It reduces blood fat levels and truly clears every elimination pathway  including colon & skin &  gives the body a huge boost with antioxidants & botanical extracts.This 

promotes clear skin and optimum health. You'll feel more energized as this natural formula increases vitamin and mineral absorption - something we all need to stay happy and healthy this winter!

3) Lipomassage
 Do you have cellulite, stubborn fat? Want to regain your figure after pregnancy, or want to reshape your body improving skin firmness? Then make an appointment for lipomassage and you will not be disappointed. Lipomassage has been clinically proven to eliminate stubborn fat cells that are resistant to exercise, smooths cellulite, firms skin and reshapes your figure. The machine is used to treat those problematic areas like thighs, upper back & hips. This  relaxing treatment helps to improve our lymphatic system , which can become sluggish & assists in the removal of fat & toxins to reshape & tone the body. After one session your blood flow will increase 400% andlymphatic drainage increases 300%. You will love the boost your body will get...

try it today, or ask

For best results, treatments should be done 2-3 times a week, check out our amazing January Lipomassage promotion

*Guaranteed only valid if weight remains the same as prior to treatment

   January Promotions  


1) FREE Galvanic face and neck treatment valued at $79.00!!!

When you book a Clinical facial in January you will receive a complimentary galvanic face and neck treatment during your facial.*

2) Save a minimum of $710 on a Lipomassage package!

When you buy a package of 12 or more Lipo massage sessions you pay only $89 per session, that saves you $71 per treatment.*

 3)20% off all Bikini waxing.

In the month of January all of our bikini waxes will be

20% off.

                                        Special pricing

Basic Bikini - Reg. $27        $21.60


French Bikini - Reg.$38       $30.40

Brazilian - Reg.$59 +           $47.20 +

As a bonus you will receive 10% off our Skindulgence signature 8oz Tea tree lotion and refills.*


*Not valid with any other promotions or gift certificates.

Welcome Delisa!

Delisa has been with Skindulgence since September 2010 and has been working our front desk.  She is  a licensed esthetician who graduated from John Casablanca's body spa and make-up artistry program as an honor student in both programs. Delisa recently received her certification as a  Lipomassage technician. Now that we have three certified Lipomassage technicians we will have more availability if they would like to book on  Mondays. Check out our January Lipomassage promotion. Delisa is also studying our amazing GM Collin and Yonka skin care lines and has been working closely with Tazeem and Heather to learn how to offer  services the  oh so relaxing Skindulgence way! 

Starting in January Delisa will be working on Mondays from

 10-2pm.  As  a way to welcome new clients when you book with Delisa on a Monday through February 5th for a 45 minute massage or body treatment you will receive a free upgrade of and extra 10 minutes of massage or a free aromatherapy steam shower, a $19 value.

Not valid with any other gift certificates or promotions


Tazeem Jamal
Skindulgence The Urban Retreat

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