May 2010
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     Would you like to win a gift certificate or free products from Skindulgence? It's easy: just leave a post on our wall about a great experience you've had at Skindulgence! TWO lucky winners will get either a $25 Certificate towards any 1 hour spa service of their choice or a duo of Vitamin C Serum from GM Collin FREE (valued at $49.95)!   Contest deadline is Sunday May 30th, Winners will be announced on our Facebook page.
Good luck ~ only one comment allowed per client for contest (but feel free to comment more!) Visit our page here!
Happy Mother's Day!

    Whether you are somebody's child or have become a mother yourself, we all have one incredible woman to thank for bringing us into this glorious world. There are tons of ways to thank your mother for all the love and support she's provided but we at Skindulgence think that there is nothing quite like a trip to the spa. Check out this months mom-centric promotions below and pamper your mother like she deserves!

There is only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it.
~Chinese Proverb
In This Issue:
Mothers Day Packages!
May Promotions!
May Spa Hours
RevitaLash is finally here!
Here comes the sun
DO'S and DON'T'S for Great Skin
5 Ways to Slow Down Aging
Mother's Day Spa Packages
Give her the pampering she deserves

"Organic Mama" $264 / 2.5 Hours
Beauty Through Balance Organic Hydrating Body Wrap
- GM Collin's Bio-Organique Clinical Facial

"Glowing Skin" $194 / 1.5 Hours
- Customized Express Facial
- AgeLOC Galvanic Treatment for Face & Neck
- Express Pedicure

"Escape to the Tropics" $160 / 1.5 Hours

- 30 Minute Exotic Mango Back & Scalp Massage
- Customized Express Facial
- Exotic Mango Express Manicure

Buy a gift certificate valued over $175 (pre-tax) and receive a
FREE beautiful Pashmina shawl (pink or white) OR
an elegant boxed set of organic soaps by GM Collin (value $19)

Not valid with other promotions, while quantities last.
May Promotions
FREE "Rose" Lip Plumping Complex!

When you purchase $139 (pre-tax) worth of GM Collin Skincare!
Value $39.98!

$10 OFF GliSODin Skin Nutrients!

Due to low inventory in April we are extending our promotion for
$10 OFF your first AND second boxes! *first time clients only*

Up to $20 OFF!

FREE $25 Certificate OR GM Collin Vitamin C Serum Duo!
Post your thoughts about Skindulgence on our Facebook wall and we will choose two lucky winners after the deadline (Sunday May 30th, 2010) to win a $25 certificate towards any 1 hour spa service or a Duo of GM Collin Direct Delivery Vitamin C Serum. One comment per client will be counted for the contest but feel free to comment more -- We love hearing what you think!
Value up to $49.95!

Our Featured Services for May 2010 are:

 FREE 15 Minute Lipomassage Trial!
Get ready for summer! This amazing treatment targets sagging skin, water retention and cellulite so that your body is beach ready! Ask about our special 10 session package promotion... You will not believe the savings!
Limit 5 clients per week, missed clients will be put on priority list for the following week.
 One per client, first time clients only.

Eye Treatment for only $25!
When booking any Clinical Facial Treatment
Over 40% OFF!

*All promotions not valid with gift certificates or other promotions, while quantities last.*
May Spa Hours

    We will be temporarily adjusting our hours for the month of  May. Shortened hours (in purple) are for drop-ins and pick-ups only. You will still be able to book appointments during those times as long as appointments are scheduled three days in advance.

Sunday: 11-4
(10-5 by appointment only)
Monday: 11-4
 (10-6 by appointment only)
Tuesday: 10-7
Wednesday: 10-7
Thursday: 10-8
Friday: 10-7
(10-8 by appointment only)
Saturday: 9:30-6
Call to book your appointment today! 604.469.2688
Thick, long lashes... Guaranteed or your money back!

We finally have inventory of this awesome product! 
Introductory pricing $99

     We at Skindulgence are proud to be one of the first spas in the Tri-Cities to carry Revitalash liquid conditioner. It's the easiest way to have lush lashes without having to glue them on! With this product when used daily for a 6-8 week period you will have fuller, longer, healthier lashes - guaranteed! No matter how brittle, short, thin or sparse your lashes may be, Revitalash can help.
     The product was created by an Opthamologist, Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff, as a gift to his wife when she developed breast cancer. Cancer patients lose hair during radiation and chemotherapy treatments and not just on their head; they can also lose their eyelashes and even their eye brows.  Dr. Brinkenhoff developed Revitalash so that she could regrow her beautiful lashes and to restore her confidence. To this end, the company made a commitment to support breast cancer research by donating a portion of all proceeds of the product sales.

     Revitalash contains no parabens, hormones or salicylates like similar products on the market. just apply the product daily along the upper and lower lashlines. Consistency is key for optimum results. After you have reached the desired fullness you only need to apply the product once or twice a week. Each tube will last between 3-4 months. The company has also developed 2 other products: one for eyebrow hair, and one for thinning scalp hair (These 2 will be available at Skindulgence by special order only).

     Our Spa Director, Tazeem has been test driving Revitalash (as we do with all of our new products). At first nothing seemed to be happening, but she diligently applied Revitalash daily. For four weeks nothing seemed to be happening but on week five she saw a miraculous change. Suddenly she had incredibly long, thick lashes. She applied the product to only one eye so that there would be a very visible difference between the two. With just one coat of Kiss Me Mascara Taz's eyelashes are beautifully feathered and thick. We will be posting before and after photos of this transformation on our Facebook page and blog soon!

  So what do you have to lose? Try it for great results or  your money back guaranteed.

Results may vary by individual

Here Comes the Sun!
May is Melanoma Month

    Your skin is your body's largest organ and there are no refunds -- you live in it your whole life. You need to protect it both internally and externally. It is essential to apply sun protection everyday to avoid environmental damage.
    A SPF (sun protection factor) of 15 is suitable for daily use but when you are spending many hours in the sun it is important to up the SPF to 30. One of the biggest misconceptions of using a SPF higher than 30 is that you will have higher or longer protection. In reality there is only a 2-3%difference in protection. You should re-apply every two hours (increase frequency if you're sweating, turning pink or swimming).
     Skin cancer and blistering aside ~ sun damage is the #1 cause of premature aging, wrinkles and unsightly discoloured skin. This damage can lay dormant for 10-20 years... just in time for you to be worrying about "looking your age"! Put sun damage at bay with these tips from our resident Skin Expert Tazeem Jamal:

    1. We're repeating ourselves because it's important: slather on the sunscreen and reapply frequently. If your in and out of the water or vigorously exercising then apply every 1-2 hours, otherwise at least every 2-3 hours. Remember according to the AAD (American Academy of Dermatology) not using enough sunscreen and not reapplying it is almost as bad as not wearing it at all because  the product starts to break down in the environment it creates more free radicals. People with lighter skin color have lower amounts of melanin which causes them to burn more easily... If you're alabaster, re-apply faster!
   2. Use a broad spectrum sun product with a physical screen such as titanium & zinc oxide, because these will cause little or no irritation to the skin or eyes. Check out our extensive collection of sun-care products that contain the physical screens that are recommended by AAD, including our latest product, Tinted Mineral SPF 15, that contains Smart Colour Technology, to blend in with your skins natural pigment.Another added way to give the skin protection is mineral make up~ Check out our CRUSH make up line or come in for a complimentary application.
   3. Choose your diet wisely, including supplements and increase your consumption of lycopene (tomatoes are a great source) and green tea. Antioxidants help fight off free radicals. GliSODin Skin Brightening Formula is very high in lycopene and  helps addresses already existing skin pigmentation too! Check out our May promotion for up to $20 OFF!

   4. Take extra precautions around water, snow and sand as they reflect the damaging rays of the sun a lot more and can increase the chances of burning. You can easily get burnt in overcast weather if you stay in the sun for too long

    5. Avoid the tanning beds at all costs. We call them "glass coffins" as the UV radiation can damage the skin cells. These beds provide a false sense of protection - at least the sun provides vitamin D! If you really must use them before a vacation, then cover your face & wear a sunscreen on your skin BEFORE tanning.
DO'S and DON'T'S for Great Skin
Great Skin 101

1. DO exfoliate at least twice a week. Be careful with granular scrubs (even for oily skin) because they are usually to aggressive and don't really have any healing properties... You might as well be rubbing sand on your face!

2.
Five Need-to-Know Practices to Slow Down Aging
Simple ways to stay younger looking

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1. Laugh More ~ when you laugh your body releases endorphins which help to reduce pain, relaxes you and keeps the mind balanced. As the saying goes "laughter is the best medicine!"


2.

Colorfully yours,
Tazeem Jamal and Team Skindulgence
Skindulgence The Urban Retreat

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