Skindulgence The Urban Retreat Newsletter Breast Cancer Month
October 2007 

river Celebrate PINK in Honour of Breast Cancer 

October at Skindulgence is dedicated to Breast Cancer and this year we will be throwing the
Grandest Party Yet!
 We honour Breast Cancer Research Foundation's contribution to moving closer to a world without breast cancer, but we are challenged by the reality that only 18% of government grant applications that the National Cancer Institute wants to support get funded. And that 10% fewer patients are in clinical trials because there is not enough money.
         We at Skindulgence The Urban Retreat choose to honor the Breast Cancer Foundation by throwing a Spa'rty each year to raise not only money, but also awareness of the critical disease that takes our Mothers, Grandmothers, Sisters and Friends.
           Join Team Skindulgence at the Spa on Thursday October.25th at our Spa'rty for our annual Everything Pink Spa'rty from 6pm-9pm.
         This years Spa'rty will be more extravagant then ever... With over 1400 sqft for clients to wonder, drink wine, chit chat with other women, watch and participate in our In-Spa demo's.
          A Silent Auction of a select number of exclusive items donated by local merchants will be up for bid ! With 100%  of raised proceeds going back to the Cure. 5% of every "pink" item sold at Skinduglence, in the month of October will also  be donated back.
           Local Oil Paintings from K.C. Art will be on display, featuring her series named "Enchanted".Kristin's paintings have been classified as a "Modern twist" on a Traditional Style. 'these paintings have a unique feeling to each of them, the calming serene landscapes compliments the modern feel of my portraits. Each one alone brings a whole new chapter, but together they create a True Essence' -Kristin Crestejo 
** Kristin will be donating 10% of any paintings sold back to the Cure**
          Classical  music by local violinist, Rosemary Siemens will be part of the entertainment for the evening. Rosemary has completed her Bachelor of Music in violin performance at the University of British Columbia studying with Andrew Dawes. Her studies then led her to the University of Miami where she completed a Masters in violin performance.
        2007 's Everything Pink Spa'rty will be one to remember. We are going FULL THROTTLE with the meaning "Everything Pink !!! "
 We are inviting our guests to wear ANYTHING Pink that night (P.S. Ladies, make-up does not count !!) and receive $5 OFF your entire purchase of $25 or more.
So bring a group of your girlfriends, wear something pink, sip some wine and help raise donations for a GOOD cause....
Team Skindulgence
How will they benefit my skin?
Derm-Renewal Clinical Peels
a Lip Plumping Complex!!!
As the season in changing into Fall, its a great time to give your skin that extra boost. AHA Treatments are anti-aging, deep exfoliating to allow better penetration of Skincare Products, therefore increasing hydration and vitality. These treatments can be done for all skin types except highly reactive, sensitive skin or clients that are on long term medication.
To see if you are a candidate to receive AHA Treatments, please call to book a complimentary consultation. It is really important to consult with a aesthetician prior to an AHA Treatment,  to ensure that the treatment is appropriate for your skin.
-Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
-Deeply Exfoliates to remove dead skin cells
-Stimulates cell renewal of Collagen & Elastin
-Re-surfaces the skin to diminish the appearance of pigmentation and scarring.
- Improves skin's tone and texture
-Make-up goes on smoother and skincare products penetrate to properly treat the skin.
Generally done in a series of 4-6 Treatments, once a week with after a  preparatory facial treatment and corresponding Homecare Products.
Every client who books a series of AHA's, will be entered to win a full size Lip Plumping Complex from GM Collin.
Valued at $38.95!!

Essential Oils


What are Essential Oils ?
An Essential Oil is any concentrated hydro-scopic liquid containing volatile aroma compounds from plants.
Popular Essential Oils and their healing abilities are ;
Lavender - is commonly used for Acne, Allergies, Anxiety, Burns, Bruises, Stress, Vertigo and Insect Bites.
Tea-Tree - Is a natural antiseptic, bactericide, anti-fungicide, an anesthetic. It is commonly used for acne, athletes foot, cole-sores, insect bites, minor burns, ingrown hairs and after sun burns.
Chamomile- Is commonly used for calming effect, Stress, Allergies, Insomnia, Anxiety & Eczema
All About the Eyes & Lips

October is pampering your Eyes & Lips Month
Have you ever wanted to have the Sultry Smokey Eyes like the Celebrities?
Book an Appointment to learn how to create the
Sultry Smokey Eye
$25 for an application, tips and tricks.
 Phone: (604)469-2688
Receive 15% OFF any Eye & Lip Cosmetics
Eyeshadows, Eye liners, Lipstick and Lip liners
GM COLLIN & YONKA Eye Creams & Lip Products


FREE Hot-Stone Hand and Arm Massage with any Clinical Facial
When treating yourself to any one of our 25 Clinical Facials at Skindulgence,  receive a complimentary Hot-Stone Hand & Arm Massage ....Mmmmm
Valued at $20 !
Great Fall Facials to choose from are
Hydrolifting -
This spa favorite is an all-round hydrating, lifting and toning treatment for most skin types, EXCELLENT anti-aging.
    Sea C Spa -This facial is GREAT for the fall, because the skin becomes dry from the changing weather and the Sea C Spa Facial is pure Vitamin C serum that is absorbed by the skin, giving your face the rejuvenation it needs for the upcoming Winter months.           


We had an overwhelming response to naming our fish. Thank you to all the clients for all the creative name that were submitted. 


     She FINALLY  has a name....

Meaning "Tranquility" in Japanese!
Thank you to Tiziana
who wins a $20 Spa Certificate
Exciting new Gift Retail Items coming this month are ;
An Amazing Bath & Body Line inspired by Provence. Oprah has put her stamp of approval on Mistrals' Soap Collection which has been featured on the infamous "O" List. We are thrilled at Skindulgence to have the exclusive for Mistral in the Tri-Cities.
Check out the collection, which features an exquisite line of decadent shea butter soaps, foaming bubble bath, Shea butter hand creams and Bath and Massage oils. Oo LA LA!!
ECCO BELLA Health by chocolate have arrived! All products are promotionally priced for a short period of time.
Beauty Bliss Bar - Organic Swiss dark chocolate, loaded with Omega 3, Lycopene and cranberry seed oil
PMS Wonderbar - Soy, Chaste Tree Berry, Rose essential oil blended with creamy organic 
milk chocolate.
A Canadian line of unique Bath & Body Products, such as ;
Soap Sponges, Tea Bags for your bath, Bath Bombs
BLING! BLING! BLING! and Trinkets For any Girl in your Life
Such as GIANT "Diamonds" for display, or paper weights, Champagne Bubbles, Compact Mirrors, Nail Files, Tweezers, Diamond Key Chains in ALL shades of pink, come into the spa and check out the new Goodies!!!!
Remember 10% of anything PINK sold goes back to the CBCF this month!
This wonderful Line is always a hit at Christmas for our "Young" Clients, featuring
Fizzing bath Sand, Mud Soap, Soap PAINT for your bath tub.
Perfect Gifts for the Kids on your list
This local Vancouver product line has gained international fame for its elegant collection of quality Bath and Body products.
Check out the NEW "Calm" and "Orchid & Bamboo" Collection
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